Let’s get crafting

Lets get crafty

I am a very busy person but in whatever spare time I have I LOVE to craft. I love to sew, scrapbook, paint, wood working If it’s a craft I will at least try it and usually love it. So on this I will be sharing the crafts I do and love!


Starting a blog…. Why

In a life of mostly males you need that outlet to express yourself to non males and non members of your family (not that if a male reads my post I mind but if they do read it would be by choice not by force of me sitting and talking his ear off… Lol). To get out all of your thoughts and creative ideas to others that will appreciate or at least you hope will appreciate what you have to say. I am new to the blog scene so I hope that what I have to post will be helpful to someone because I know I have gotten a lot of great help and information from other blogs. I am very thankful for everyone that takes time out of their life to blog! Lots of great things to come to keep checking in to Heart and Soul 4 Life. Till next time live each day from your heart and Soul! God bless!