About Me

Also known as Mom & Fliks chiKI am a Mother of two amazing boys and a very lucky Wife! My family is my world! I own two businesses “Pinks Services” that is I do alteration, patch sewing, repairs, custom clothing, crafts and more; “Pinks Cleaning Service” cleaning for homes and business. I homeschool our two boys, I’m  a Cub Scout Den Leader and Committee Chair as well as Assistant Scout Master and Treasurer for our Boy Scout Troop. My Husband and I just started the Boy Scout Troop in August 2011 and the Cub Scout Pack at the end of September 2011. In life I am very busy but wouldn’t change a thing. I love sewing, crafting, cooking, baking, camping, family Jeeping, and  hunting for great bargains! I am very lucky that as a family we do everything together and really enjoy it that way. Life has its challenges but I try to count my blessings each day and “Live life from my heart and nurture my Soul!”


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