A Happy Heart Comes From Happy Cooking!


I love to cook, bake, grill, outdoor cooking and Dutch Oven cooking. Really I just love any and all cooking so I will be sharing recipes and cooking tips and tricks.

From my Kitchen to Yours!

Happy Cooking!


Scouting in our Family

                                                             “Do Your Best”
                                                                  A Scout
                         ” Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind,
                            Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean & Reverent”



Scouting is a huge part of our families life! My husband earned his Eagle in December of 1989 so when we had our two boys I knew what was in our future. Scouting teaches boys so much from life skills to working as a team. I have truly seen my boys learn and grow with every step they take in Scouts. K finished Cub Scouts 8 months early earning his Arrow of Light (the highest award a Cub can earn) an his Super Achiever (that means he earned all 20 badges as a Webelo) then crossed over to Boy Scouts and has finished his first two ranks (Scout badge & Tenderfoot) in the first 7 months! I am very proud if you can’t tell… LOL. B participated with his brother in Cub Scouts for his 4 years then finally got his chance to be a Tiger Cub in June of 2011. He has just moved to Wolf and is following in his Dads and Brothers foot steps. As a Scout Leader I love working with the Scouts and trying new activities and camping in new places so I will share that with y’all to maybe give other Scouters so new ideas!

Happy Scouting!

Hello Heart Academy

                                              Homeschooling from the heart!

                                                  If we love it we will learn it!

That is our Motto for homeschool. We make everything a learning experience and we try to make every learing experience fun! We truly love to learn as a family. We have been homeschooling for a year and a half now and wish I had started with our oldest son at Kindergarten. I know that homeschool is not for everyone and a lot of people think I am crazy for taking my boys out of Public School. It is what works best for the boys and our family so you just have to learn to not listen to the negative that others have to say. Hopefully this blog will give other homeschoolers what other blogs have given me. It may be inspiration, encouragement, new ideas or just a laugh but if it helps anyone at all then it is worth it.

Happy Homeschooling!