Getting Started

When I started homeschooling I went through a time when I worried that what I was doing was not good enough or not how I was supposed to do it! Over time I have learned (after homeschooling for over a year) that in homeschool there is no right or wrong way you just have to do what works best for your family and not worry about others! Granted it is always nice to see how others are doing things and you can always learn and use parts of what they are doing but always make it work for you and your homeschool and don’t worry if what you do isn’t exactly like everyone else. When I decided to take my boys out of Public School and Homeschool I had the chance to visit with a very wise lady that was very blessed with a supportive husband. She went over everything that she does in her day and it was so much help but she is such an amazing homeschool teacher and mother that I had times that I was so stressed because I didn’t have it all together like she did! I now know that after time I got it together and my boys are doing great. Another road block I ran into was the doubt and negative that I had put on me from outsiders and even my Husband. Don’t get me wrong my husband is a wonderful man and an amazing father but he was very scared and worried about homeschool he has since come around and loves it. What all husbands need to understand before homeschooling ever starts is that the Moms don’t need the third degree we just need the support and encouragement and that will help and inspire your school more than anything else! As far as the rest of the naysayers  that just comes with the territory of going against the grain of common society. As time goes on and they see how well your kids are doing then they change their tune. When I started a year and a half ago I was very lucky to have boys that wanted to share a room so I got my Craft/Class room. I am in the process of reorganizing our room and will be sharing that with everyone soon. I have done a lot of research to make this the best and most useful space it can be especially since we spend a large amount of our time in here. I will say I so a lot of things with a small budget and I like to challenge my skills to see how thrifty I can be. I get a lot from garage sales, thrift shops, Goodwill, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby and JoAnn’s. Usually if it’s not on sale or cheap I won’t buy it. Starting your homeschool space be that it is in your own school room, at the kitchen table or in a corner in your house the number one thing to remember is “If you start with love and work from your heart and soul give thanks to God every day for the blessings in your life you can’t go wrong!”

Till next time live each day from your Heart and soul! God bless!


Starting a blog…. Why

In a life of mostly males you need that outlet to express yourself to non males and non members of your family (not that if a male reads my post I mind but if they do read it would be by choice not by force of me sitting and talking his ear off… Lol). To get out all of your thoughts and creative ideas to others that will appreciate or at least you hope will appreciate what you have to say. I am new to the blog scene so I hope that what I have to post will be helpful to someone because I know I have gotten a lot of great help and information from other blogs. I am very thankful for everyone that takes time out of their life to blog! Lots of great things to come to keep checking in to Heart and Soul 4 Life. Till next time live each day from your heart and Soul! God bless!